Friday, November 20, 2009

azagtoth, trey

trey azagtoth,
why dontcha play drums for rick allen
let him reign in blood as long as he could possibly stand it
on a dark throne sprayed with shampoo
and yer lyrics would rhyme A B B A
and what about force-rhyming massacre with mascara ?
over millie petrozzas body ha !
but what if say, you wrote songs for la môme piaf, imagine that
and she says, c'est moi ! non, je ne regrette anything that rhymes with siang
thats when the small intestines on a carcass would explode from the heat of the midday sun
no time to ask for benediction from a nun
h.p. lovecraft, sumerian death chants, norse synth pops, when are ye gonna grow up, o
you, shorn lamb of god ?
wipe the floor in your chapel of ghouls
really wipe it this time, put some elbows into it, you annihilator of two-finger tapping !
betrayer !
ill plant fake plastic trees on your grave
play air sitar at your funeral
all for the sake of a spiritual healing
never pay attention to a body count


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