Monday, October 29, 2007

kiss and destroy

you have destroyed me more
more than even you think
you are capable of you
destroy other people

all those punches you threw
at me at i remember twice you tried
to hit me me in the groin that's you
in a nutshell: forever

below the belt but
you have destroyed me you have
from the waist up from the
waist up i have become

mean i can no longer let things go
no longer without baring my teeth
the way you do to frighten people
me i bare my teeth in anticipation

that people are you i bare my teeth
in revenge in an attempt at one
i lay down my arms i did
i did not want to hurt you

more than when i had on
my full armour but when i did
i lay down my arms i did
not want to hurt you you

took away my heart and the shield
around it you have destroyed me


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Le voisinages de Condorcet

so that's it, eh?

you've groomed your look
for two centuries

so you

the spitting image

of condorcet.

when us were kids

we drank red flowers
we later scattered
over the dead.